May 22, 2020 – Past Webinar


We understand that today’s budgets are tight. And print programs are a significant cost center that often gets trimmed first. Before you make decisions on where to cut, let our experts help you with ideas that will optimize your print marketing spend. We’ll share specific ways you can reduce costs while maintaining your brand’s performance. Our experts will provide strategies and tactics that leverage resources, vendors and paper/print options and even ideas on how to save packaging costs. We’ll tackle these opportunities and more in this “rubber meets the road” presentation.  In this webinar, we’ll discuss some of these strategies:

  • How to cut budgets not contacts with creative pagination strategies
  • How to optimize your creative resources to drive sales at a lower cost
  • Paper strategies to reduce cost and not risk brand quality
  • Printer expense optimization strategies
  • Innovative product packaging opportunities


April 17, 2020 – Past Webinar







As customer behavior has changed during this crisis, your digital marketing plans should evolve to align with the new customer and conversion realities. This 60-day roadmap webinar will focus on short term strategies and tactics around Search and Email Marketing. In this webinar, we will discuss our top search and email strategies that you can use now to manage key programs and avoid unnecessary cost overruns.

By attending, you’ll learn quick-to-implement solutions to succeed over the next 2 months:

  • Picking the right search programs to optimize
  • Utilizing audience lists
  • Enhancing shopping feeds
  • Choosing keywords to go after or to suppress
  • Improving quality scores on landing pages
  • Retooling automated email programs
  • Rethinking email segmentation opportunities
  • Aligning email content and merchandising with current shopping trends

April 3, 2020 – Past Webinar

We all need answers in this uncertain time. 

What are customers thinking? How should your brand connect with relevant messages while remaining authentic? What are other brands doing to adapt as the world morphs on a daily basis?

Join this important webinar to learn how you must shift your thinking to adapt to the new and uncertain reality. In short, we all must find a better balance between art and science while remaining more human in the process.

By attending, you’ll gain critical insights and more clarity on how to move forward, including:

  • Lessons learned from frontline veteran executives who have insight on how to weather this economic storm
  • How to integrate your digital and offline channels to power future growth
  • How to use learnings from neuroscience to better connect with your customers on a human level
  • How to craft marketing messages using empathy that focuses on what people care about

Click the thumbnail above to watch the recording of the webinar. Please email [email protected] for the password to view the webinar.